Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thing 2

I have had great difficulty finding time to do this. I think this is so valuable and yet when my time is so scattered throughout the day that I only have 10 minutes here and there. I have found it to be difficult to really reflect on each thing. Then I also have the difficulty that our district has a very tight fire wall and sometimes I cannot do the activities during the work day. Then I do them at home, but have lost part of the continuity. The blog post by John Blyberg is an example of one of the sites I cannot get when I am at work.
I do know that I am behind the times and trying to catch up - it reminds me of when DOS 1.0 changed to DOS 3.0 and then on and on. The Internet is changing and it is changing faster than I can keep up. I think we all need to have two hours a day built into our days just to experience the web 2.0.
In the article The Ongoing Web Revolution the question was asked: Are you participating? My answer is I am trying, but I find myself more of a voyeur. Someone who stands back and watches. It is very clear that standing back and watching is not going to increase my experience. I need to dive in.
I like Michael Stephens comment that "the library is human." I have always thought that. I did not expect to hear it from someone who is so technologically astute. I also appreciate how the librarian 2.0 does not buy software for the sake of technology. In the past many of us have had to deal with that mistake.
Now that I am diving in, and read all the including a couple of Doug Johnson's articles, I am overwhelmed. But I am excited too - now on to Thing 3.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Thing 1

Learning about 23 Things on a Stick has really motivated me to take the next step in my own education. This is my first blog. I am feeling so successful right now. A little shy of speaking my mind across the Internet. Thank heavens we are doing this in a group.